Are customers happy with Jio Customer Service?

Reliance Jio 4G services were formally launched on September 5, 2016 in our country. From
then and till now the company has not back down to provide exclusive services to their
customers which no company has ever provided to their customers. The company gave free
services for half year to its subscribers. According to a research it has been shown that Jio 4G
has the cheapest 4G plans in the whole world. There are around 85 million Prime subscribers of
Jio. So checkout the article for ” Are customers happy with Jio Customer Service? ”

Are customers happy with Jio Customer Service?

The History

It was earlier announced by Mr. Mukesh Ambani (Owner of Reliance Jio Services Ltd.) that the
company has hit the mark of 100 million subscribers, which were at the time of free services.
After the end of free Jio services, around 73 million subscribers retained with Jio. This is a great
achievement for Reliance Jio as around 75% of customers prefer to stay with their company
even after the end of free services which included free internet, free SMS and unlimited voice

After March 31 st the free services ended but 75% of the customers still stick with Jio and enroll
themselves under Jio Prime Membership. Well, this was not the end as Jio gave 3 month of
unlimited free services to its customers in just Rs.303. This offer is going to end on on July 20 th
but the company has again roll new plans but the offers are same. The previous service of 3 84
days free internet and unlimited voice calls will be provided to the customers at just Rs.399.
Seems like the “Acche Din” for Jio Subscribers will stay for a long time. So do you think that customers are happy with Jio Customer service ?


How loyal are Jio Subscribers?

Jio 4G Volte Service was started in the last year only, till then million of customers have stayed
will the company till now which is remarkable. We have earlier stated that Jio has retained its
75% of the customers which depicts the loyalty of Jio consumers towards the company. This is
one of the reasons that Jio is rolling out special offers one after another to retain its customers.
Reliance Jio has provided great customer service to their customer that is the reason that Jio
has scored highest in the customer loyalty and surpasses the incumbents on customer service,
Data Service, Internet Service and Voice Calling.


The company surpassed major Telecom Companies like Idea and Vodafone on the basis of
Internet and voice calling service. It was also stated in a report that 80% of Reliance Jio
customers said that they upgraded to 4G from 2G/3G to avail the Jio services.
How happy are customers with Jio Customer Service?

Jio rolled out its 4G service last year but due to its initial free offers it attracted millions of new
customers. Mr. Mukesh Ambani also stated that there were not expecting such huge amount of
subscribers in this short span of time. Jio is opening new service centers and Customer Care
offices (Jio Call centres) to solve the issue of the customers.

Apart from that it has been also seen that Jio has Customer Service handle on all the major
social networking sites in order to solve their customer’s issues and problems. Various
companies’ nowadays prefer Social Customer Service to provide faster and smarter customer
satisfaction on digital channels. There is a very famous tool that provides you insights and many
other delights by which you can respond to your customers quicker and smarter. This tool is
known as Trooya Social Media Customer Service Tool.


The customer service center number doesn’t get connected sometimes but this is because of
heavy load on the Customer Service agents as the amount of subscribers are pretty huge where
are the agents are limited. Hence, its totally understandable that Jio is working hard to
contribute utmost customer satisfaction.

Merrill Lynch survey

Merill Lynch conducted a survey to find out how well Jio did since last year.  Know whether customers happy with Jio Customer service ? The survey depicted
great news for Jio Camp which said “Jio has retained 85% of subscribers even after the end of
free services”. Let’s check out some of the other insights of this survey too.
The questions asked in the survey were as follows :
1. Are you happy with the network coverage of Jio?

To this question 410 respondents said that they are perfectly happy with Jio’s service where as
420 respondents said that Jio’s network is as good as other telecom networks.

customers happy with jio service

2. Have you started sharing your Jio number to your network of contacts?

To this question 700 respondents said that yes! They share their Jio number with their contacts.

3. Will you continue with Jio connection even if it remained paid?

To this question, 94% respondents collectively said that Yes, they will still use Jio even if Jio
stops giving free services. This shows jio is working in right direction to retain their customers.customers happy with jio service or not

4. Which plan will you opt out after the free service?

82% of subscribers stated that they will choose the 1GB/day plan that is Rs.399 pan for 84 days
as they are getting more than value for money in this pack.


Well, the above stated research also shows that Jio is working in the right direction to retain its
customers. This is the main reason that Jio is growing furiously in the telecom market. It is also
because of the positive customer service which they provide to their customers.

What are your thoughts about Jio’s customer service?  So do you think that customers happy with Jio Customer service ? ? Let us know in the comment section given below.