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So you like playing Games? We are here with an amazing game that you will surely like !! Checkout full review of RipTideGP2 game that is the app of the week. RipTide GP2′ for Android mobile devices.  First off, let me say that this game is simply amazing.  It is more of the same but with new tracks, a much larger career mode, upgradable ‘Hydro Jets’; if you played it’s predecessor you will have a general idea about what the sequel will have in store for you.

Let’s cover what this game is all about.riptidegp2

RipTideGP2 Review


The Deal:

As this game is about pure speed and thrilling tricks, there is no story.  The premise is you are a Hydro Jet racer in futuristic Hydro Jet Races.  Think of a Hydro Jet as a futuristic Jet Ski.  As you progress through the race circuits you will encounter not just standard 8 man races, but you will be faced with ‘Hot Lap’ and ‘FreeStyle’ races as well.  More on those below.  Regardless what mode or race type you play, I promise you it will become addictive fun that will be hard to put down.


Race Types You Will Encounter:

You will of course play through the standard race that includes 8 NPC’s all racing each other to the finish line.  The amount of laps and duration of the race will depend on what circuit you are playing.  The end goal is of course to be the first to cross the finish line.


Elimination mode will pit you against 8 NPC’s and every few seconds (determined by the circuit you are playing) a player will be eliminated without prejudice.  The goal is to stay ahead of the pack and let everyone else get eliminated.  The only way to ensure victory is to be the race leader and outlast everyone else.


Hot Lap is basically a time-trial race.  Each time trial has set times that you need to complete the lap under in order to win.  Some tracks it’s 1:07, some tracks it’s 00:59 or a little less.  You will need to upgrade your Hydro Jet and make sure you have a speed demon to ensure victory in these races.


Finally, you will bump into ‘Free Style’ races.  These races feature only your racer on a track filled with Ramps to trick off of.  Each ‘Free Style’ race will have a set score you have to hit to place in the top 3.  Earn points by popping tricks off of large waves of water and ramps.  You will have to unlock higher tier tricks to place high in the more advanced circuits.  More on that below.


Controlling your Hydro Jet is as simple as tilting your mobile device in the direction you’d like to navigate.  Popping tricks is handled by swiping your thumbs in a particular order on the screen while your racer is airborne.  Each trick has a unique swipe, with the more advanced tricks requiring a slightly more difficult swipe pattern.  Sounds a little strange, but trust me… It works great.


Skills and Upgrades:

There are several different Hydro Jets that you can unlock with cash earned from your races.  Along with purchasing new Hydro Jets, you can also purchase upgrades to your Hydro Jet’s abilities.  These abilities are split into several categories:


– Acceleration


– Top Speed


– Handling


– Boost


Each category does exactly what it’s name applies.  As you upgrade, the next upgrade level becomes more expensive requiring you to play more to earn more in-game cash to upgrade your ride.  You can also change the color-scheme (or ‘paint job’) of your Hydro Jet and your racer’s uniform.


It doesn’t stop there either.  As you play and race you will earn XP that will help you level up.  As you level up you get extra in-game cash and SP points that you will redeem for things like new tricks and increased agility and increased boost time.  Later in the game you will discover some future tricks are compounding.  So they require a trick from a lower skill level before they can be unlocked.  All in all the leveling system is pretty deep for a mobile racing game.



The soundtrack is pretty similar to the first RipTide GP.  Mixing techno beats with what sounds like spots of dub-step in spots.  All in all, it’s pretty catchy and helps keep the energy moving during game play.


Online Multiplayer

The online multiplayer is what I like to play.  I have ran several online matches against others and I have had a lot of fun.  Basically you pick ‘Quick Match’ and let the game match you up.  If you have signed in with your Google+ account, you can send invites and play with your friends as well.


Final Comments:

All in all,

RipTide GP2 is an amazing game.  We are finally at the point where the division between mobile games and console quality games is started to fade.  The effects and overall experience are simply amazing.  In my opinion this game is well worth the $2.99 price tag.  Per their website, the game is also on it’s way to the Apple iTunes App Store as well.

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This is a guest post by Author – Inam Ullah Khan – Technoworld

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